What Kind Of Guy Do You Attract? *14 (Part 1)


He looks into your dazing eyes, running his hands up your inner thigh. You didn’t know how to react. On the spur moment, you grab hold of the back of his neck as you kneel on the bed and pull him closer to you and your lips crash against his. Danny didn’t expect such a kiss from you. He roughly leans into the kiss and nimbly grips onto your waist, biting your lips as he goes. Soon, the hardness of his body presses into yours as the kiss becomes deeper, making you shiver in anticipation. He skims his tongue along your bottom lips. You moan with pleasure. You can feel his dick harden as your body press against his. In time, the kiss turns wilder. His lips getting more furious and rougher. You finally lift your head up for air. He tails little wet kisses down your neck. Neither of you let go of each other the whole time. He drifts closer to you onto the bed, shifting you to the wall. You try to sit up and not lay down. You feel your way down and slip off his swim trunks. He continues to kiss you, disregarding that you pulled off his trunks.

He suddenly pushes you away. You were confused.

“I wanted to tell you this in the closet…” You put your hair behind your ears.


“I really like you,” he confesses and you smile.

“I really like you too.”

He has a huge smile on his face. You both lean towards each other and make out some more. Then you feel him massage your breast. It feels amazing to you. You flip him over and start giving him soft kisses down his neck. He flips you over and pulls a blanket over his head.

“Aaahh!” You scream-laugh in excitement.

He instantly smashes his lips into yours. One hand of his reaches down to touch your second pair of lips. You can feel him embracing your wet pussy right now.

“Dannyyyy…..” He crawls down to suck on your pelvic area. He uses his hand to spread your legs apart.

“Fuck,” You hear him say. He pulls the covers out and you breathe as much as you can.

“I need you to take this off.” He wants it off. You had no choice. You smile charmingly at him and slowly undress. At some point, you had trouble taking it off.

“Need help?” he smirks. You nod.

He precisely removes your bathing suit and throws it on the floor. You cover your breasts with your arms and draw your knees to your chest. He licks his lips. He hovers over you and stares down your body.

“Danny. Don’t make me,” You say, afraid you might do so. As he reaches to take your arms away, you had to do it.

“Aaauggh!” You immediately take your hands away from your breasts. “Oh my gosh! Are you okay?!”

He holds onto his throbbing penis. “What do you think?!”

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t know why I-”

“Its okay, urgh,” he gets up and hurries into the bathroom.

You sit with the covers wrapping around your body. You were about to make a run for it but then you hear the bathroom door opening. He doesn’t look so good.

“What were you doing in there?”

“Nothing,” he says weakly. He goes over and flicks the switch.

“Why did you turn the lights off?” He didn’t answer. You could feel Danny’s weight on the bed as he slowly got on it. He uncovers you and throws the blanket on the floor.

“Now that it’s dark, you don’t have to be afraid,” he whispers, making you even more afraid.

He pulls your legs making you fall flat on the bed. He kneels and puts your legs over his. He slowly slides his hand down your thighs, spreading them as he goes. Danny lowers his head down to lick your warm stomach. He spreads your legs and he places his head underneath your throbbing pussy. After that, he sticks his tongue inside you. You could feel his big and slimy tongue stroking your clit to ecstasy. You bite your lip as he comes in deeper. You want to burst out that moan, but you know that he’ll think that you like what he’s doing. He goes fully inside, exploring every rim of your pussy. You bite your lip harder this time, holding back your moan. He sucked, licked, and kissed them like they were lips. Finally, you moan, “Ughhhh.” He looks up and smirks at your expression. It felt like he cleaned your pussy using his tongue. You couldn’t see it but you know that it looks swollen and pink right now. He comes forward to your opened lips and sticks his tongue inside your mouth. You taste his tongue and it didn’t taste so bad. You pull his boxers down and his throbbing erection POPS OUT. He stops kissing you and looks down. The bed felt lighter.

“Danny?” He climbs back on the bed and on top of you. You can feel his hard wet dick on top of your stomach. Your blood was rushing. You sit up and slam your lips into his. He falls back and his hands roam around your back. Your nipples touch his chest and it made him smile. He moves his mouth down to your breasts and starts to amuse you by massaging one side while sucking on the other. Truth is it feels amazing that you can’t control your moans.

“Dannyyy, I want you baddd…,” You moan and somehow that slip out of your mouth. He knew you would like what he’s doing and bites on your nipple.

“Don’t bite too hard.”

“I won’t,” he mutters, while biting on it.

You wait for him to stop playing with your breasts. He was more into your breasts than into you. You start to rock on his dick. He immediately stops sucking your breasts and pushes you back. You lie down on the pillow with your legs open on your back to make penetration easier. He lies over you, supporting himself with out-stretched arms. You put your hands around his back to support his thrusts and you arch up to meet his movement. He slams his cock inside you making you groan. It was huge and it kind of hurt at first, but when he thrusts you, you forgot about it. You were breathing hard and sweating at the pleasure. Soon he suddenly slows down.

“Fasterrr…,” You tell him. He pumps you hard in and out, increasing the tempo as you moan.


He stops.

“What was that?”

“I don’t know,” You say. Danny turns on the lights. You find your phone under the pillow.

“Who is it?”

“My friend.” It was actually Harry.

You lie down on your stomach and text Harry back. Danny turns off the lights again. He sits right behind you with his legs in front of him. He leans back from behind. As he pushes his cock into your ass roughly, he begins thrusting you harder this time.

“DANNYY…,” You moan really loud. He flips you over and slides in between your thighs and enters you again, pulling you down into him. As he moves his hips, he leans forward and buries his face into your breasts, leaving small hickeys. You raise your phone above his head to text Harry, and then slide it underneath the pillow. You gasp at how hard he pumps you. A moan escapes from your mouth. He thrusts you so many times that you start to have an orgasm.



“I think I’m about to cum.”

You clench onto the pillow. He pulls his dick out of your pussy and falls back on the bed. You knew he was tired. You get on top of his abs and he smirks. He pushes you to his face and sticks his tongue into your g-spot.

“Yesss…..,” You moan. He laughs as his tongue swivels around. You start to cum and he still has his tongue inside you. You crawl back to wear his dick is and rides him until you both reach the climax.

“Fuuck! You feel amazing!” You fuck him harder after he said that.

You stop, “Did you like that?”

He sits up, “Yeah,” and you sit astride him. He holds your hips and pulls you onto him for deep penetration. It was the perfect position to kiss, suck and nibble on your hard nipples. He kisses on your nipples as he jams you.

“Uh, uhh, uhh,” You go, “Kiss me on the lips.” He releases his lips from your nipples. He sucks on your lips and you smile as he does it. You wrap your arms around his neck and play with his hair. He smiles and looks into your beautiful eyes. You stop kissing because he sorta stopped. You look into his eyes, although it was dark but he has some flaring eyes.


“I want to take you home with me…” You smile and pull away. Then get up and turn on the lamp.

He lies on his side at a right angle. You get on the bed and lie back. You put your knees over his hips and feel his hard cock at the bottom of your stump. You take a short break and talk for a few minutes.

“But I can’t because my parents.”



You talked for few minutes and watched some TV.While he is lying back, you squat down on him. You then extend your leg towards his shoulders and lean for ward. His soft hands rub your inner thighs as you move in closer. Your breasts were in front of his face.

“What do you want?” he asks, smirking curiously.

“Nothing,” You smirk back. You get off of him.

“Well, I’m going to sleep,” You say, lying down on the side. He picks up the blanket on the floor and turns off the lamp. He throws it on top of you and creeps under the covers. He spoons you from behind and you wrap your legs around the outside of his. He shoves his hand down your clit and plays with it. You cum as he do so and he gives you small love bites on your neck. You also reach down to hold his hand. His penis plunge into you and you can’t help but cum.

“Stop it!” You playfully slap him on the thigh.

“You know you like it,” he laughs, seductively and continues to run his hand up and down your shaft. You moan and groan softly.

“How am I suppose to sleep if you keep doing this?!” You whisper-groan.

He sniggers, “Let me do one more thing.” You moan sorely as you feel something burst inside you. Thereafter, he whispers in your ear, “Goodnight.”




I finally fell asleep without hearing my mother’s annoying voice. But then a noise woke me up. Now I can’t go back to sleep. Hopefully she will give me back my phone soon. I can’t wait to see ______ tomorrow in school. My life is like falling apart. I need her in my life…



This party is awesome! Noah and I just made out with these girls. Where is _____ though? I’m getting a little worried. I tried to go inside and find her but the girls restrained me.



It’s getting pretty late so I went to sleep. Me and Jolie are over. I got over it. She suddenly called me and asked me to come back with her. What the hell! You can’t break up and then want to get back together a few hours later?



Me and ______ just had sex! I’m so proud of myself. This was the most amazing night ever! I never had this much fun with any other girl. _______ is the total chick I’ve been looking for. We really had it going tonight… ;D



James and I went in for these two really hot girls. But they weren’t my type. They’re too slutty. James sorta liked them. Haha, I’m not sure. He seems like he was into them. I notice that everyone is outside except for Danny and ______. I’m curious to know what they’re doing.



I text _____ again and she immediately replied. I was so happy. Then Paul told me to go to sleep early and took my phone away… -.-



It was funny when Paul forced Harry to go to sleep. I was laughing so hard. But then Paul took my laptop away and told me to go to sleep. -___-



Me and Louis are heading up to the hotel right now. People won’t stop looking at me. I’m noticing they’re giving me glares. What’s going on??



So I have a carrot in my mouth and I’m carrying like 10 grocery bags! We’ll Liam has more… 😛 It’s getting really weird because people in the hotel are looking at him too…



I’m in my room chilling, watching TV. I started to hear Paul’s voice. I immediately turned the TV off and went to sleep. Paul came in and checked on me and then walked out. I was actually pretending but then I fell asleep.

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